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"I want to support you through the highs and lows. Consider me your coach, confidante, champion and cheerleader"

Hi, I'm Tabby.


I'm a published writer, musician, conversationalist, performance coach and mental health advocate and trainer.


Based on my knowledge as a trained performer and business owner and my own experience of mental health issues and grief following the death of my husband in 2018, brother in 2014 and father when I was 16-years-old I use my experiences and developing knowledge to help you connect wth your creativity and move forwards with positivity for resilience, hope and happiness and ultimately, better mental health.


Do you ever feel:



•overwhelmed & stressed

•‘down’ or ‘lost’

•a lack of focus

•like you’re struggling to cope with your life situations

•you could be happier?


Maybe you’re living with grief or looking to balance home and work and everything else life throws at you?


If so, I can help you become more emotionally intelligent and connect with and understand yourself and your creativity so you can live with better mental health and perform better in your life.


I will help you move forward with positivity for resilience, hope and happiness through conversation and coaching for your creative mind.


We are all creative and sometimes we just need to connect with our emotions and feelings in order to perform more creatively to keep stress and anxiety at bay and keep ourselves emotionally and physically fit and healthy.


I work with you, for you; For your individual needs and goals. I help you move forwards with confidence and calm by listening non-judgementally, talking openly and honestly and helping you find your coping strategies that work exclusively for you.


We all have the ability to move forwards and flourish and I help you embrace every part of you to do that with resilience, hope and happiness.


I have two published books:


The Three Ps: Possibility, Productivity & Performance available HERE


The Three Taboos: Cancer, Grief and Mental Health available HERE


Example of Group Coaching Sessions


•Mental Health Awareness (general & specific topics such as mental health for musicians)

•Mental Health First Aid (accredited instructor with Mental Health First Aid England)

•Anxiety & Resilience

•Mental health in brass bands (and other music groups)

•Performance Anxiety for musicians

•Your creative mind for better mental health

•Performance Skills

•'Play' for Mental Health


Examples of 1-2-1 Coaching Sessions


•Understanding your Emotions

•Building Resilience

•Unravelling anxiety

•Stress Management

• Moving forwards with grief

•Performance skills for musicians

•Possibility & Productivity for Performance in personal & professional life


•Your creative mind for better mental health

•‘outside the box’ – disregard judgement & opinion

•Mental Health Awareness

• downloadable mental health awareness training (two-hour course)



Much Love

Tabby xxx

Through open and honest conversations and coaching using my strategy of  'The Three Ps: Possibility, Productivity and Performance' I will help you connect with your creativity and move forwards with positivity for resilience, hope and happiness.


Prices start from £147

Why you need me

Tabby Selects-1 work with me

What people say...

"Would 100% recommend Tabby’s approach of The Three Ps & the book is definitely worth a read. You'll fall in love with Tabby and with yourself and hopefully create a better you and a happier you!” Jenn


"It’s as if Tabby had stepped into my life and was holding my hand through it all. So personal, yet truly universal and a life affirming lesson for everyone."  Abigail